The Toyota Production System Support Centre (TSSC) Australia is a department within Toyota Motor Corporation Australia, headquartered in Altona, Victoria. The objective of the department is to support local industry and non-profits by improving their processes through a non-profit knowledge sharing arrangement.

For more than a decade, Toyota has shared its know-how gained from 50 years of its auto-making experience with companies in our supplier base. In recent times, Toyota has expanded to share this knowledge with hospitals, non-profits and small businesses in Victoria. Based on the philosophies of the Toyota Production System, Toyota collaborates with these organisations to help them become more productive, maximise available resources and improve quality and safety.

We recognise that sharing our knowledge this way helps our partners stay competitive and preserve jobs – or  help more people in need – and that benefits us all. We also believe that this is good for our business because what we learn from our partners helps us better serve all of our customers. 

TSSC Australia’s 10 full-time team members now partner with these companies, medical institutions and non-profits seeking better ways of doing their day-to-day work, while putting customers or those in need first.

We are closely affiliated with TSSC, based in America. Please visit their website at to learn more.