Flight Stairways

About Flight Stairways

Flight Stairways is a family owned and operated business that manufactures and installs stairs and balustrades. They are based in Queanbeyan, NSW. Over the recent years. Flight Stairways has experienced rapid growth in sales and was seeking ways to maintain their customer focus by securing quality and delivery performance.


Process Improvement, Manufacturing


Business Need

In the pilot project, Flight Stairways focussed on the largest component of their business: internal stairs. In order to secure their delivery performance, Flight Stairways needed to ensure that they did not cause any customer installation delays. Prior to commencing the project, Flight Stairways had up to 63 late installations per month.

Improvement Strategy

  • Conduct detailed timing on individual work steps to better estimate job duration based on customer order.
  • Visualise the current jobs, installation commitment to customer and current workload to highlight potential problems.
  • Run morning meetings using the visualisation to align information release, production and installation to meet agreed customer installation times.


  • At the conclusion of the Pilot Project Flight Stairways has celebrated no late installations.
  • Established the ‘Customer First’ mindset across office and shopfloor to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Developed structured problem solving capability; with more than 25 operational problems tackled to date.

63 / month

Late installs before

0 / month

Late installs after


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